Below is a comparison of the current conditions at the Bourne Police Department with similar areas of recently completed police projects that meet modern standards.  For a tour of the existing building, please call the Lt. Esip at (508)759-4420 ext 275 for an appointment.

Bourne Police Department

Typical Space


Bourne's holding cells are not compliant with modern standards.  The are frequently cited as not meeting the standards set by the State of Masschusetts for holding areas. They are small, with narrow doors, and do not have accessible fixtures.  In addition, the men's cells are not sight and sound separated from the female and juvenile cells. Metal heating vents are accessible to prisoners and can pose a hazard.


Bourne's prisoner procesing area is an unsecure room located across the hall from the public interview room and lobby.  There is no secure separation between officers and the prisoner, allowing prisoners potential access to items in the room which could be used as weapons. The room has no ventalation and is without close proximity to an unsecured building exit.ixtures or anti-suicide measures.


Evidence is stored in multiple locations throughout the Bourne Police Department. The main receiving point is this former mailbox located in a shared break room. Permanent storage areas are subject to flooding and lack proper security. Larger items must either be stored in the garage or a non-water tight outdoor storage container.  Drug evidence is not property ventilated, and fills the evidence room with a strong odor of marijuana and other chemicals. Exposed wiring and constant water leaks in this room can pose a risk to personnel working in the room and evidence stored in the area.e fixtures or anti-suicide measures.


The only Bourne PD interview room is located between the lobby and the prisoner processing area. The room is visible to prisoners, does not have a modern recording system and also houses the departments main 9-1-1 computer servers and radio system. The loud noise and heat produced by these items can be heard and felt throughout the room.  The room is also used as a meeting room and library. anti-suicide measures.


Bourne does not have a training room.  Officers must either use their small roll call room, that also serves as a break room, report writing room, and evidence processing room, or travel to another station.  This travel time can result in costly overtime and added time away from duties within the Town of Bourne.


The dispatch area is undersized and cramped.  The area only outfitted for one dispatcher to complete all necessary duties. Wires are hanging loose underneath desks, with many cut wires visible. Dust frequently locks up fans in the electronics in the room, causing them to fail. There is no ballistic glass, nor secure access between dispatch and the lobby. Communications equipment is stored in cramped closets with no ventilation. The air conditioner, which does not provied proper cooling for the area, is inefficent and leaking.


A typical sally port is a secure area to transport a prisoner from a vehicle directly into the processing area. The area should be free of any obstructions or hazards to the officer or the prisoner and should be able to be completely secured to prevent prisoner escapes. It should also be large enough to fit an ambulance. Bourne's police cruisers do not even fit in their existing sally port. Access to the processing area requires walking up a staircase that does not meet ADA accessibility codes.  The garage doors are warped and do not completely close.  The sally port is also used for storage of tires, vehicles, equipment, large evidence, and supplies that result in security risks.


Bourne does not have a dedicated roll call room. The multi-purpose room that is used for roll call is undersized, cramped, and contains limited space used for report writing and storage. It is also used as a break room, report writing room, and evidence prepartation area.  The AC unit in the room constantly leaks one equipment and officers.


As mentioned above, the report writing area is located in a multi-purpose room which also functions as the roll call room and storage area.  It is across from the prisoner processing room, both of which lack security.


Both male and femail locker rooms at the Bourne PD area undersized for existing staff requirements. The male locker room is located on the basement and has recently flooded, leading to expensive asbestos abatement and restoration. The area has significant moisture issues, and sewage has backed up into the shower area.  Asbestos wrap still exists around the overhead pipes, inches from the locker tops. The main electrical panel and complete department phone system is unsecurely located here with numerous wires hanging down. The female locker room also serves as a kitchen, housing the only microwave and refridgerator for dispatchers and patrol staff. There is no ventilation in any of the department lockers. Typical police lockers have two compartments and include a secure area for weapons storage as well as benches. 


Permanent records are stored in multiple file cabinets located in the cramped administrative offices on the second floor of the police station and in an unventilated and moldy former prisoner holding area. There are stains from water infiltration and the floor buckles from too much weight. Typical records rooms have space saving file cabinets which hold more files.

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